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    Computer Corner

    There's an exciting new page devoted to accumulating anything related to computing matters, at the "Computing" link on the main menu above. Well, it's exciting to me. If it's not exciting to you, who asked you, anyway??? There's some news regarding the software industry, and some information about interesting utilities and useful software.

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    The Future of Computing

    We have only scratched the surface of what we will eventually do with computers and automation. Meanwhile, some seem to want the technology to stagnate, to become a "mature industry," when it is far from what it could be. The future is going to provide all sorts of advances in hardware and software, but will upcoming consumer innovations be hugely useful, as they could be, or so constrained as to be useless?

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    Praise for Open Source

    It's confusing. Why is anyone still working with just Windows and Microsoft, when these great alternatives are here? There are plenty of options available so that we can completely avoid Microsoft applications and its miserable Windows operating system. To make matters yet better, there are many, many open source products that are of high quality, and of course, easy on the budget.