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    Logic & Critical Thinking,  Math & Statistics

    Not a Rational World 1

    You immediately know to be wary of anyone who asks, "What are the odds?" If it's something you do -- stop doing that! It's a silly expression. Instead of asking such a thing, the questioner should calculate it for himself. If it can't be calculated, then the questioner is relying on someone smarter to do it for him, and he shouldn't be making any claims or arguments, which is the only time you say, "What are the odds?"

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    Chess Cheats

    If you are at all interested in chess, or follow the news, there's furious controversy over this character, Anal Niemann, aka: Tinglebottoms. A flood of YouTubers, commentators, online commenters suddenly appeared to subtly cover for and praise Niemann. These fanboys came out in force, as though he's pure as the driven anal, which makes no sense, because every day he keeps looking worse. Most likely, all this is a coordinated money grab.

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    Stop Killer Robots Now!

    Artificial Intelligence "experts," crawling out of the woodwork, seem intent on driving us mad with uninformed talk about A.I. These so-called experts level of understanding and explanations are on par with bad science fiction. This is significant because the "new" A.I. is another trick to fool people into thinking the discipline is more advanced than it really is. It has been making slow progress for years, but suddenly the level of hype has gone into the stratosphere.