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    The Climate Change Blog

    We're held in contempt by government, "the elite," and corporations. But can you blame them? Maybe we aren't taught much in school, but, yet, we often seem to run into trouble applying the few truths that we are taught. Like those about gases, and density.

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    Science Musings

    Okay: How do we tell if we're being fed a line, by experts or so-called experts, to do something against our interests, and what does this have to do with science? And how is it, if we don't know a little about science, we end up getting the shaft? If science is misunderstood, that can only be through intent. Science itself is pretty simple and something everyone participates in every day -- making hypotheses -- or guesses, testing things and whatnot. But after a little study, it may look like today's "science" is just the poorly-coordinated mishmash left after tribal consensus and censorship within the "scientific community."