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    Computer Corner

    There's an exciting new page devoted to accumulating anything related to computing matters, at the "Computing" link on the main menu above. Well, it's exciting to me. If it's not exciting to you, who asked you, anyway??? There's some news regarding the software industry, and some information about interesting utilities and useful software.

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    The Automotive Industry 1

    Cars changed: Instead of mediocre crapmobiles that rust and rot, wobbling, squeaking and rattling, down the road, they've become durable, quality pieces. It's funny to see old cars in period-piece movies. Consistently pristine, sparkling and smokeless, unlike the real cars in the 50s through 70s that were clapped-out, ratted-out, rotted out, smoke-spewing and noisy. Hoopties with terminal road rash, barely kept alive -- and this was sometimes after only a couple years of use.