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I found a new hobby, casually studying law. I got interested in it several years ago, after discovering the scams pulled on us by the legal system. I found out that there’s actually a logic to “law,” and really, the whole topic is nothing like what is presented on “CSI,” or other TV drivel.

But in my research, I hadn’t come across anything like Jurisdictionary.


This CD set is one of those products that delivers, so I was confident to add it here on my site. It was written by a former judge, and it’s full of information that everyone needs to avoid being railroaded if ever in any court-related action. Really, you aren’t going to be able to conduct any kind of defense (or offense) if you don’t have this material.

Here’s the scoop: Dr. Graves, who wrote Jurisdictionary, puts in all the relevant material he learned over his years of law practice. They don’t teach this stuff even in law school. He summarizes his long experience in a useful and accessible way, and that is the key to this product. In fact, most lawyers don’t even know the procedures and tactics he lays out in Jurisdictionary.

What Is It?

Look, most court cases are just procedural, and follow a set and formal pattern. Dr. Graves identified the pattern, then refined a method to work within it, and published it in Jurisdictionary. It lays out what to do for every situation you find yourself in, how to petition the court, do filings, conduct discovery, format your court papers and so on. As mentioned, most lawyers are ignorant of this material, and, that’s right, just by using Jurisdictionary you have an immediate leg up on your opposition.

Whom Is It For?

Those who are at all interested in law will find this useful. If you’re in some kind of court case, it is essential. Even if you aren’t involved in some legal matter, it is a smart purchase to fill you in on how to navigate the legal system. Click here to: order Jurisdictionary.

Plotlines (working title)

This one is a nail-biter, with elements of humor, horror and mystery. I think Plotlines is going to be a lot of fun, “A suspense novel beyond the ordinary.” It’s a work in progress, running slow as the upcoming non-fiction book has been getting a lot more attention. That’s past 1500 pages, and will be split into several volumes.

LifeGuide (working title)

Someone should have handed this to us when were were younger. It is a guide to life issues that tackles the difficult subjects. This one is going to hit hard. Representing several years of research, it covers the major problems that crop up time and again and no one seems to want to talk about. Why? Because they’re hard to talk about. And if you don’t have a foundation for your solutions, you’ll do more harm than good. Law, human behavior, logic, science, how to excel and improve your life, dealing with people and situations, it’s all there.

The book is also a reflection of my dissatisfaction with other “self-help” books that represent as helping you with some of life’s problems, then let you down, because they are only pandering to the artifice of “societal norms.” This one is different, and will change your life, guaranteed.