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    If you are at all interested in chess, or follow the news, there's furious controversy over this character, Anal Niemann, aka: Tinglebottoms. A flood of YouTubers, commentators, online commenters suddenly appeared to subtly cover for and praise Niemann. These fanboys came out in force, as though he's pure as the driven anal, which makes no sense, because every day he keeps looking worse. Most likely, all this is a coordinated money grab.

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    Q: Did Seagal buy a Southern California house near a garbage dump then complain about the smell and all the garbage trucks going by? A: As reported by a neighbor, yes. Hollyweird gets ever weirder, like when the remake of the Ghostbusters movie got heat for having a bad trailer, but then the critics' ratings came out overwhelmingly favorable, heh.

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    Random oddball stuff found online: humorous spelling mistakes, faux pas, and other language disasters. Now that that’s said, be kind if you find my errors.