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    The Contemptible Citizen Kane

    Where we expose the insipid Orson Welles movie, as a rankling propaganda piece. It is surprising they were able to get away clean, with this cover-up and whitewash, and hardly a soul seems to have jumped in to condemn the rotten pestilence. But nothing should surprise you any more. In fact, the people who did step up were censored, mocked, and subjected to all the usual hysteria and cover-ups.

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    Why Nots

    A few useful products and ideas we need in the world. Instead of talking about problems, create and implement some solutions. Here's a varied list, let's see what comes of them, and also look at some of the reasons we don't have these things, or take these sensible measures.

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    Why this current spate of crazy airline stories? Airline travel was already bad enough, but currently it’s been an avalanche. Possibly it’s just because the one “dragging” incident sparked so much outrage that any additional bad news reignites the rage. Just the other day, a musician was assaulted by a ground staffer over a violin in another absurdity.

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    Shades of Things to Come 2

    It doesn't seem to matter what certain protected businesses do, they know they can count on a bailout. For example: General Motors (GM). Like certain other manufacturers, it produced millions upon millions of junk cars. It was willful in its disdain for the consumer. But it skated clear, dumped a bunch of obligations, and poked its ugly head up again, thanks to government. It is legally a different company, but with mostly the same old idiots at the helm, so what's changed?

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    The Travel Blog 2

    This article looks at deception, which comes in forms we often don't identify, or it wouldn't be deception. Look at the legal system. In any sensible legal system, each side would present its case, and the guilty would be punished and wrongs made right. There'd be no reason for reams of paperwork, formalities, lawyers and intense study. Law would and should be the simplest of disciplines.

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    The Travel Blog 1

    It's nothing new for my opinion to be in the minority -- a minority of one, for the most part, ha ha ha. For example, I can't understand why they don't just lower the hoops in basketball and use average-height players, instead of scouring the planet for those 7-foot-tall giants.