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XM-800. Amazing workmanship on this classic Ford (Merc) concept. And all completed over the course of one winter from just an abandoned shell!

Mercury XM-800

For Star Trek fans, Star Trek Continues has to be very polarizing. What a mix of cheese and sincerity, obvious love and hard work went into this production. YouTube channel.

Star Trek Continues

Smack Talk. Jesse the Body Ventura and the late Macho Man Randy Savage demonstrate how to cut a masterful promotion.

WWF promo


Mixes from Café del Mar for background to your browsing. This type of sound used to be labeled “easy listening.” I guess now it’s “fusion” or something. Seems like there’s a whole new slew of indistinguishable categories for music.

Bonus video. Check your pulse if you don’t sweat over this, especially on the straight stretches. Good job Alfa and Fabio!


Enjoy these great finds!