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    Logic & Critical Thinking

    Not a Rational World 2

    Logical fallacies are names given to describe deceptive practices in argument and rhetoric. But knowing logical fallacies doesn’t really teach you how to win arguments. We want to look at how fallacious reasoning is used to do so, in the real world, and how the tricks work.

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    Logic & Critical Thinking,  Math & Statistics

    Not a Rational World 1

    You immediately know to be wary of anyone who asks, "What are the odds?" If it's something you do -- stop doing that! It's a silly expression. Instead of asking such a thing, the questioner should calculate it for himself. If it can't be calculated, then the questioner is relying on someone smarter to do it for him, and he shouldn't be making any claims or arguments, which is the only time you say, "What are the odds?"

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    Chess,  Culture,  Humor

    Chess Cheats

    If you are at all interested in chess, or follow the news, there's furious controversy over this character, Anal Niemann, aka: Tinglebottoms. A flood of YouTubers, commentators, online commenters suddenly appeared to subtly cover for and praise Niemann. These fanboys came out in force, as though he's pure as the driven anal, which makes no sense, because every day he keeps looking worse. Most likely, all this is a coordinated money grab.

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    Commentary,  Culture,  Movies

    The Contemptible Citizen Kane

    Where we expose the insipid Orson Welles movie, as a rankling propaganda piece. It is surprising they were able to get away clean, with this cover-up and whitewash, and hardly a soul seems to have jumped in to condemn the rotten pestilence. But nothing should surprise you any more. In fact, the people who did step up were censored, mocked, and subjected to all the usual hysteria and cover-ups.

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    Commentary,  Culture

    Why Nots

    A few useful products and ideas we need in the world. Instead of talking about problems, create and implement some solutions. Here's a varied list, let's see what comes of them, and also look at some of the reasons we don't have these things, or take these sensible measures.

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    Culture,  Movies

    At the Movies…

    Here's a list of over 300 movies viewed over the years, with numeric ratings and summaries. These are, for the large part, films that were on someone's "recommended" list. This makes for a nice reference that can be expanded over time.

  • continental

    The Automotive Industry 2

    Design, engineering & excitement in the automotive industry! Looking at how cars are designed and engineered, some of the great ideas, new and old, some past follies where they really fouled up the styling, and some ideas for car design. We'll also explore some ways what they have planned for the future can be improved.