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    Why Nots

    A few useful products and ideas we need in the world. Instead of talking about problems, create and implement some solutions. Here's a varied list, let's see what comes of them, and also look at some of the reasons we don't have these things, or take these sensible measures.

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    Culture,  Media

    At the Movies…

    Reviews: the good movies, the bad movies and the ugly movies. Here’s a list of nearly 300 movies viewed over the years, with numeric ratings and summaries. These are, for the large part, films that were on someone’s “recommended” list. This makes for a nice reference that can be expanded over time. A good resource if you want to see something but don’t know if it’s a waste of time.

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    The Automotive Industry 2

    Design, engineering & excitement in the automotive industry! Looking at how cars are designed and engineered, some of the great ideas, new and old, some past follies where they really fouled up the styling, and some ideas for car design. We'll also explore some ways what they have planned for the future can be improved.

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    Computer Corner

    There's an exciting new page devoted to accumulating anything related to computing matters, at the "Computing" link on the main menu above. Well, it's exciting to me. If it's not exciting to you, who asked you, anyway??? There's some news regarding the software industry, and some information about interesting utilities and useful software.

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    The Retail Industry

    Retail has been facing quite a struggle as of late, particularly small retail businesses. It doesn't help when the larger companies can use their power against the small fry. A typical trick is to buy a good company that is threatening to be a competitor, bleed it dry, then discard it or incorporate it into the larger corporate structure.

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    The Automotive Industry 1

    Cars changed: Instead of mediocre crapmobiles that rust and rot, wobbling, squeaking and rattling, down the road, they've become durable, quality pieces. It's funny to see old cars in period-piece movies. Consistently pristine, sparkling and smokeless, unlike the real cars in the 50s through 70s that were clapped-out, ratted-out, rotted out, smoke-spewing and noisy. Hoopties with terminal road rash, barely kept alive -- and this was sometimes after only a couple years of use.

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    Culture,  Media

    Rating the James Bond Movies

    You can't expect movie critics to be reliable guides, if only because they aren't truly unbiased, but what a disappointment when you go see some dud on a critic's recommendation. It's still irritating to think of some of those stinkers, many years later. Why do we even have critics, when most of them can't figure out the meaning of some movies?

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    My Biggest Surprises 1: Science

    One of my biggest surprises is how wrong many of the answers given by official science are. They’re just flying by the seat of their pants to give an illusion of being all-knowing, and it’s a ridiculous conceit. In this article we'll look at contentious content in the fields of cosmology, cryogenics, Evolution, meteoritics and paleontology.

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    Computing,  Cryptocurrency

    The Future of Computing

    We have only scratched the surface of what we will eventually do with computers and automation. Meanwhile, some seem to want the technology to stagnate, to become a "mature industry," when it is far from what it could be. The future is going to provide all sorts of advances in hardware and software, but will upcoming consumer innovations be hugely useful, as they could be, or so constrained as to be useless?

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    Stop Killer Robots Now!

    Artificial Intelligence "experts," crawling out of the woodwork, seem intent on driving us mad with uninformed talk about A.I. These so-called experts level of understanding and explanations are on par with bad science fiction. This is significant because the "new" A.I. is another trick to fool people into thinking the discipline is more advanced than it really is. It has been making slow progress for years, but suddenly the level of hype has gone into the stratosphere.