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This site is the personal site of Mark Widmer. It provides a gateway to Mark Widmer Computing, my computer consulting business, for comprehensive I.T. consulting. (See the Computing page.) With over 20 years of experience in database development, software & website design, we are the gold standard for top-notch computer system development. Clients include government, defense, retail, insurance, medical & financial institutions.

On the Media page, find a discussion of my writing and selected media, with ordering information and samples when available.

Blog topics include general interest, computing and practical science topics and material relating to my new books/media.

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Rating the James Bond Movies: No Time to Die

  • Review of the latest Bond


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E-mail: admin@markwidmer.com
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Mark Widmer is chief of computer and IT service provider, Mark Widmer Computing, an occasional lecturer, and is working on some great new books. Welcome to the site.

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