Shades of Things to Come 3

Politics and the Social Fabric

Studying politics is a sure way to get your strange for the day… Not THAT kind of “strange,” what kind of blog do you think we’re running here?

Take the election of Donald Trump. One might wonder if he’s playing a persona that is a deliberate mockery of the populist, homespun character, the “everyman,” in a country where “any boy could grow up to be president?” Sort of like Bush seemed to be doing a parody of the privileged frat boy.

After the election of Trump, the ditz, Jill Stein, called for a “recount” that couldn’t possibly benefit her candidacy. “Oh,” some of the “analysts” said, “She’s acting as proxy for Hillary!” as if that were some revelation. Then there was speculation, and this tedious, incessant blather over popular vote vs. electoral college vote and how Trump really lost, by popular vote, despite everyone knowing, or should have known, the workings of the system going in. Then at the end of the “recount,” Trump supposedly managed to gain votes, and that seemed to satisfy people!

Quick & Dirty Summary

  • A look back at the U.S. elections
  • The farce of politics
  • The media and its lies
  • A fork in the road

The polls were rigged (but not by “the Russians”), and this was officially acknowledged in a number of states. The Washington Times lists 10 examples, The Daily Caller website lists 23 states!

touch screen voting

The real meaning of all this hokey-pokey is that Trump should have been suing these “news sources” for libel. It’s not “paranoia,” on Trump’s part, to talk about vote fraud, when courts have already stated there was vote fraud. And, by the way, why isn’t Trump shutting down Diebold?

In the U.S., the president doesn’t make the laws; congress does. The courts (Judicial branch) enforce the laws. Trump’s branch, the Executive, implements them. But Trump is intentionally characterized as “a kid in a candy store,” wildly pushing out executive order after executive order and “usurping power.” It makes him look “out of control” and “a loose cannon,” at least to anyone who still remembers how the system is nominally set up. Looking at Obama’s run, doing the same thing, he never seemed to be stigmatized in the same way. No doubt Trump’s defenders will say something like, “Maybe he has to issue flurries of executive orders, as that’s the only way to get things done there in DC…” The Pinko news outlets seem to suddenly know the president is not supposed to be a dictator, and mention it at times. Odd they’ve suddenly realized this right when Trump gets in, when Obama got a free pass.

Oh, there’s lots of things the Pinko news networks suddenly remember. Suddenly, they are constitutional scholars! Now, they lecture on the roles and structure of the branches of American government, and on the fact the nation is a Republic, not a “Democracy,” and other valuable tidbits. Their newfound knowledge is a miracle!

Sadly, the American people don’t even get the benefit of simple window-dressing. Of Trump actually being anything like presented during his campaign. He’s not just not better than Hillary or Bernie, Obama or Bush, he’s cut from the same cloth! I also get an impression of him trying to represent as the most naïve president since maybe Reagan. I guess the U.S. will continue the trend of each successive president being worse than the previous one. In fact, just as how the national debts of nations must keep increasing, so the presidents and other world leaders must be successively worse, because the dirty work gets heavier with each passing year.

So much not to like about Trump already, so soon into the job. Like his promotion of Facebook and Twitter. Why not promote some other, worthy social media site, give it some valuable promotion? It’s such a blatant farce. Not to mention, Trump is showing hints of tyranny and warmongering. He seems to like unconstitutional civil asset forfeiture, for one, and was saber-rattling for war with Iran!

What about rescinding Obama’s dictates? Wasn’t that promised? Even if he does, people discount the way the game is played. Have your previous lackey impose outrageous “laws,” and burdens, then roll some of them back! What a great hero! We are not worthy! If people are taken in by these simple tricks, is it any wonder they are oblivious to more sophisticated tactics?

To make the farce even more complete, we had, at kick-off, before the vote, Trump complaining of “vote fraud.” Hillary pooh-poohed any such thing. Then, hardly any time after, “Hillary” was reportedly “incensed over hacking” (accuse your opponent of what you are guilty of), kind of funny, since Hillary has probably passed into that grand ole Democratic hootenanny in the sky, months ago. Then they threw, of all things, “the Russians” into the mix.

Did everyone forget, or just not get the message that they talked of “introducing a new Cold War” with the Russians, years ago, to manipulate the public again, like back in the “good old days,” the paranoid 1950s? Anyway, next, The Donald or his mouthpiece was saying there is no evidence of vote fraud. And no one has concluded that both of the idiots, Don and Hill, must be liars or sensationalists, at least, to make all these claims and flip-flops. Now, Trump’s back to vote fraud again, maybe, I’ve lost track.

So, when they did that recount, Trump supporters were crowing that he gained 137 votes, not lost them, because this was at the stage when Hillary was supposedly expecting more votes. And everyone just left it at that! What the…?

Wake me if I’m dreaming, but that variation, too, is evidence of vote fraud. Either their counting methods are compromised or someone has his finger in the pie in one way or the other.

Oh, wait, by the law of smallish numbers, that quantity, 137 votes, doesn’t count!

We see this well-known law at work, of course, at the bank, where, as we know, a person is permitted to steal small quantities of money, and it is overlooked. I was caught “with my hand in the till” at my local bank. Alas, the teller came back just in time to catch me, forcing me to reveal the spoils in my hand. Realizing her error, she gave a hearty “guffaw,” when I showed her the meager few fifties and twenties I had scooped from her cash drawer. Nowhere near enough to be considered anything more than a smallish number! Roguishly, I had trapped her in a reckless accusation! Part of my “persona” is to winningly tease and prank in this manner.

Only one vote off would indicate fraud or at least a flaw in the counting procedures, in much the same way business ledgers have to balance to the penny.


What would be really nice, is to see a general acknowledgement that, it doesn’t matter which hand-selected and vetted candidate wins. People, here and there, do see through it, but what is telling about the latest U.S. election, is that they seem willing to go to extreme lengths to “sell” the fraud, which means that a significant number are aware.

In fact, I’ve never seen this depth of farce before. They have never tried so hard to legitimize a phony political process as with all this. You know, it’s like the punch bowl is the turd, and people are still blind to the turd. Like people who don’t change their oil, people think they can set up a government and never bother to check in on it or maintain it.

The absurdity of trying to pimp the election/lend it credence with all this talk of the, “powers that be that don’t want Trump in there,” is nonsense.

As a rule, I don’t watch CNN or its ilk, but by fluke I tuned in to MSNBC a while back — soon after the U.S. election, and it was fearsome in its wretchedness. Some random sound bits from the “talking heads,” (remember, now, Trump had only been at it a couple of days):

“Based on what I’ve seen so far, I don’t have much confidence (in Trump).”

“Did the President lie to the public on Capitol Hill?”

“A Direct Lie From Donald Trump!”

“How do we believe anything the White House says?”

These talking heads on the “news” networks sit in judgment like those three bad-ass “disembodied brains” with the flashy light bulb interiors on the old Star Trek series. I guess Trump is a literal “Captain Kirk,” seemingly helpless and trapped, but as an unstoppable intellect and “deal maker” he cuts a clever and inventive bargain time and again.

You’ve got to love the other slant, too: Trump as eccentric whom we can afford to indulge — for now.

This nonsense is only going to get worse. Don’t people in the U.S. wonder at all this subterfuge and BS? The President shouldn’t be even ⅒ of 1% of the news going on in the country, but merely a “representative,” nearly just a figurehead (something the news network have seemingly forgotten in their newfound wisdom). Instead the man is center stage.

Then there are the even more divisive plays,

“Women are against him and dying because of him around the world!”

And the open-ended,

“He’s known for unexpected acts.”

“He has a tendency to…”

“He’s unable to address the issue…”

Dan Rather is both the worst and most hilarious. He, “isn’t terrified,” but so many people he’s talked to ARE! Dedicate yourself to change in “this twilight zone” of “no humility,” he warns. “2 and 2 equals 4. It’s not a different truth that 2+2 equals 5!”

(Look up Dan Rather and “What’s the frequency, Kenneth?” on the Net for a good laugh at this old spook and doddering ding-dong.)

And why are there all these Brit commentators on U.S. TV? A lot of them keep saying the word, “optics.” “Tut-tut, the optics of this situation are especially dire,” delivered in a plummy English accent. “It’s not an accent,” a British woman haughtily told me once, but doesn’t anything that affected have to be an accent?

Yes, the fake news sources on TV have also suddenly discovered that the U.S.A. has “a republican form of government.” A commentator on MSNBC suddenly corrected himself, like lightning, switching to “republic,” after “dem…” slipped out. They never noticed when Obummer was lording it over the country.

And they’re also using terms they used back in the 1970s, with respect to Watergate, for those of you who remember that debacle. “What did he know and when did he know it?” Got to love them dredging up that type of sentence construction.

Then another stooge, giggling and smirking, says, “There’s zero hundred percent chance it (Trump’s initiative) will happen!”

You know, I don’t even believe in the guy, and they’ve got me rooting for Trump.

They are going to push whatever buttons necessary to fire up the emotional responses of people.

Whatever the slant, it’s absurd. Dig these:

“In this first two full days, he’s been impressive.”

“He’s playin’ five-dimensional chess against checkers players!”

“He’s thinking on deep levels like a deep thinker!”

I said that we are being played, and this is a prime example. MSNBC, CNN, whatever, at least at the managerial level, know that they’re being “unfair,” baiting a knee-jerk reaction. “Hey, they ain’t givin’ him a CHANCE!” Meanwhile “the other side” sits there tearfully and miserably, whining incessantly, “That Trump! He’s at it again! He’s a bad man!”

It may well be that enough people are catching on to the lies, deceit and deception, that manipulators are moving quickly to create confusion, and sow discord and uncertainty. They’re certainly making Trump’s presidency look shaky and uncertain.

No, I don’t think the media circus and frenzied activity is anything but theater. Another clown, a Democrat senator (a real hack), was on the ridiculous MSNBC stating point blank that, “Russians hacked the election.”

Of course the Russkies didn’t, though the U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security apparently DID, to make it look like it was the Russkies.

If Russkies hacked the election, why are elections hackable? No specifics. No names. No locations. No details. No probing or inquiries from the MSNBC hack. Not a nice person. Not a nice person, ha-ha. This level of “information” makes a fool out of everyone that watches it, but is typical of every bit of “news.” And how many people are fooled to think they are intelligent because they “watch the news?”

Don’t cry for Evita or Trump, they’ve been grooming Trump for 30+ years. It’s surprising to review things like old interviews where the topic of Trump running for office is introduced “slyly.” I didn’t think he was scheduled for the big win, but win he did. It was rigged in favor of Hillary, but I suppose her evident death threw a wrench in the works. Still, in the bigger scheme, it doesn’t matter who won from the pre-selected clowns.

Even though they’ve got one of their own in there, gotta love how, if you’re doing something illegal and immoral, you’re going to feel guilty, at least somewhat. No doubt the “insiders” worry about Trump doing or saying something “wrong,” even if by accident, like when that Pizzagate revelation came out. Of course, the “shadow government” has got things controlled, what with all its NSA, CIA, FBI, to run cover.

Trump moves things along with idiotic statements to look like a clown and buffoon, like saying if he’d “shoot” a Russian ship in international waters off the U.S. coast, people would like it. What an awkward statement, and just whom does he think would “like” a potential world war, except his fellow psychos? Then Trump made an awkward segue, turning the statement into an odd “lesson,” that is, “but that wouldn’t be good (to do)…” Just goofy blather.

Another spook trick and reason behind putting Trump in: To make him look like a good man, under siege.

Something to consider: Is Trump going to be blamed for an anticipated — or planned — economic collapse and depression? Will he turn a planned failure into an unexpected success? Or is this Manchurian Candidate intended to usher in us even deeper into Orwellian dystopia?

Hillary, who, like Building 7, collapsed in New York on Sept. 11 without actually being hit by a plane, may have died months or years ago. Now, wouldn’t they announce something like that on the news? Well, THEY DID announce it, on ABC 7, New York, then had a change of heart, backtracking to say it was some kind of “mistake.” Who makes that kind of mistake? These entities we call politicians are just that: entities. Real, or perhaps not, duplicates or clones or something else, perhaps.

You have to figure they’ve been giving one or two of Hillary’s doubles most of the press and airtime, anyway, to condition people to “see” and become accustomed to a changed Hillary. And it continues to this day. It wouldn’t be the first time they’ve played games along these lines.

Then why announce her death if they were trying to conceal it? That’s an easy one: either wires got crossed somewhere before they could suppress the info, or they were going for the easy let-down. Or… they planned to announce it, as they did unnecessarily publicize her collapse and transit to “Chelsea’s apartment,” then had a change of heart for some reason, and sent out a “double” that barely resembled Hillary. Just prior to that point, if it became necessary to reveal her demise, the mass mind had already been conditioned and prepared.

Take note that no one collapses from pneumonia one minute, then a short time later pops out for a stroll of the city! But then, looking at Hillary, maybe everything is double A-OK with that human dynamo, after all.

Well, it’s not that people who remain blind to the facts are necessarily stupid, but they just can’t believe anyone would pull a deception like that. Or, they can’t fathom the WHY of it. And so, the public gets divided over yet another issue, with one group saying, “Can’t you SEE this is fake?” and the other group wanting to “trust the government,” and not believe “crazy talk.”

Why DID they run a sick candidate? They were counting on the women’s vote, the Latino and Black vote, and the liberal vote, of course. Plus the Clintons seem to be even more powerful, rich and connected into the upper structures of the ruling system than they let on. And “it was her turn.” She seemed to want the presidency badly, and for safety would want to hold it to ensure all the Clinton crimes remained hush-hush. Besides, she seems to be a motivating figurehead, a rallying point. Look at the Bizarros coming out of the woodwork to lament, cry and moan over her defeat. It doesn’t matter — when you’re running a brand or figurehead, you don’t need an actual particular individual, just someone who identifies as that person. When it’s all corrupt and a farce, the finer details just don’t matter.

Okay, then. But why conceal her death? Well, there would be some pretty stuffy press conferences with them trying to explain why they ran a dying candidate, why they concealed evidence of her illness, and so on. They don’t want to completely crash and burn what’s left of the Democratic Party.

Remember Hillary’s weird behavior — and that doctor on TV that said that she’s dying (then he got fired)? Well, after several months, she’s going to be more ill, not the same as ever, or better, appearing here and there, popping up like those “Whack-a-moles.” The logic is unquestionable, it’s just that it is difficult for people to wrap their heads around the level of deception. Recently, accusations of all sorts of vile and weird things in connection with politicians, most of them true, have been coming to light. And it’s on us, partly. To repeat: you can’t put the pot on to boil and leave it unattended and expect positive results.

For further evidence that Hill’s croaked, I offer this: Just look at Bill’s grinning mug when you see press photos of him at events!

We’ll know the truth about Hillary in several months, perhaps a couple of years. Then they’ll make it public, pretending she just died, and acting all surprised and saddened.

It comes down to the fundamental that, it doesn’t matter who’s dead, who’s alive in the political circus, when they aren’t what they say they are or pretend to be.

As Osama bin Laden was officially announced dead, twice, in 2001 and 2011, you know they have a little trouble getting their facts straight with this type of thing.


You’d do best in life to just assume the worst. Not to be a “Debbie Downer,” but to avoid shocks, and to take sensible precautions.

Current revelations that our Samsung and Sony TVs are spying on us, along with “smart meters,” “smart appliances,” and maybe even Wi-Fi enabled Twinkies packets, not to mention good old Microscum and of course Intel — now there’s an evocative name — should not come as any surprise. Only thing is, they’ve been spying on you long before that, for years, in multiple ways. The “revelations” are only cover to “soften the blow.” Then they “admit” to the whopper (I came across this years ago), that the Brits spy on the U.S. and the U.S. spies on the Brits, and then they exchange information, because it’s illegal to spy on their own people.

This type of “cover story” is not just disingenuous, but moronic. If it’s illegal to spy, it’s also illegal to hire a spy to do the work as proxy. As though a “law” stops these creeps in the first place. Another tactic to spit in your face and say it’s raining.

A CIA spook came out with revelation that Obama’s parents and grandparents were themselves CIA spooks, and that’s probably true. But there is no “Obama,” really. There’s not going to be some arch-villain named, “Osama,” and then out of nowhere, with no history, no past, no birth certificate, and a Social Security number from a state he’s never lived in, pop “Obama,” as president.

There’s no good CIA, despite what Dr. Steve R. Pieczenik tells you. If this “CIA insider” is telling truths, that doesn’t make him good. He’s there to baffle you with more BS. This CIA goof tries to pander, criticizing the, “CIA cockamamie story about OBL being killed, when he was already dead.”

Well, saying that is a ruse to automatically give him cred among people who are paying any attention. It is an attempt to qualify Pieczenik’s future lies (hilariously, Pieczenik is credited as a “Science Fiction writer” in his bio). We already discussed how “news” will release previous “leaks” to gain credibility, and here is this goof, doing just that. As though this is some big revelation, when most people who are interested in these things heard about Osama’s dual deaths years ago.

Well, he sure concocted a hell of a yarn regarding the “White Hats,” and “Black Hats” at the CIA. You see, in Steve’s Sci-fi land, there is a group of CIA, “loyal to the Republic and the Constitution for the United States of America!” called the “White Hats.” I think the question for Steve is, why have these “good guys” never done one single good thing in their entire existence? Why is the U.S. so buggered up?

And don’t be fooled by this Wikileaks nonsense, either. Wikileaks, too, is an “Op” and a honeypot, meant to gather intelligence, not disseminate it. The “secrets” that Wiki does reveal are bland and worthless.

You know, we don’t know if there even was an Osama or Obama in existence. We’re fools to take anything at face value, after all the lies.


They have to pretend this system has validity because they don’t want to have to concoct another system to get phony “consent of the governed.” That’s why their antics have the funky scent of panic. Marauding Russian government! Deplorables! Fake News fakers! Sniveling melt-down lackeys crying! Paid rioters rioting! Threats against Trump’s family! Flipping Electoral Voters! Michael Moore — oozing out to inject his two cents worth! Half-wit hack actors giving impassioned pleas!

Another disturbing thing is the on-line trolls are going all out to glorify Trump. But it does allow us to see firsthand how the government “spook” agencies mobilize. Commenters on some websites I visit are playing this clever game. To repeat, Trump can’t be the real deal, or he wouldn’t have gotten the nomination under any circumstance…

Word to anyone who likes “alternative news” sources: If that source is backing Trump, you know it is “fake news.” There are hundreds of shills out there. If Trump ever does anything good, then, maybe, you can praise him. It’s monumentally poor discernment to not recognize that a person can say any old thing, but that doesn’t make him good unless he backs up his words.

And Trump still hasn’t accomplished much of anything, except for the routine braggadocio — how long do people have to wait?

Bottom line, the game must be that these politician actors are rated on how well they can fool the public. That’s what what adds the twist to the mix. “How can they seem so nasty to each other?” “He really let her have it — it must be real!” Meantime, the same old agenda carries on.

I don’t know why they bother. Instead, they should make the whole “politics” thing more entertaining, rather than continuing to legitimize it.

Trump has already appeared on TV pro wrestling. I wish they’d just take it that step further and have him wear the tights to carry on the rest of his term. I’ve got his promos and whole move-set all scripted and planned out. In promos, of course he could continue with his little “666” fingers gestures, talking about his “bad” and “terrible” opponents, and saying how they’re “Not nice people. Not nice. Not nice at all.”

And then in the ring, he could finish his matches with a nice series of attacks: “The Congressional Snub” (thumb to the eye), “The Executive Order” (rake to the eyes), then he could pick up his opponent on one shoulder then drop to a sitting position. We’ll call that either “The Abdom-Obamanation,” or the “Goodnight, Rosie.” Then he could roll his victim off his shoulder onto the mat and do a big frog splash on the helpless, prone figure, called (of course), the “You’re Fired!”

Intelligence op Trump, is a honeypot, too, like Wikileaks. Lord knows how much intelligence is gathered from people who foolishly think they can “help” him “weather this treasonous onslaught against the presidency.”

As time progresses, it all becomes only more blatant — suddenly the media started reporting that, “Trump is acting presidential!” after they’d been trashing him up and down. At a speech he, “wowed” the audience. After all that effort to stage him as “the ultimate outsider,” they reversed direction. They must all be howling with laughter over the “triggering” they do, getting the suckers to “believe” in a savior figure. And really, what else do we suckers have but untenable hopes? The courts are corrupt, politics is corrupt… What isn’t corrupt?

Yes, when Trump started up with the bombings in foreign lands, threats and aggressive talk, the “news” was effusive in praise. Trump has finally stepped up!

Well, there will be no savior riding in to rescue us, and certainly not Trump. As someone said, referring to the U.S.A., we have to make OURSELVES great again. But of course, not just in America, but world-wide.

Also entertaining: the talk of “impeaching” Trump. It is an almost irresistible move to disavow the chronic, er… “panty grabber” and assert “moral authority.” If I were running the propaganda buffet of BS, I’d be right on it. What a joke.

So how does this relate to “things to come?” Well, it points to a fork in the road. We can continue as we are, and we’ll continue to be subjected to nonsense, idiot politicians, and contrived, rigged events to fool, misguide and channel us into a desired response, or we can become aware of the farce, and counteract it by building some sanity into our political systems.

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