Shades of Things to Come 4

Cars changed: Instead of mediocre crapmobiles that rust and rot, wobbling, squeaking and rattling, down the road, they’ve become durable, quality pieces.

The change wasn’t that they became generally good machines, though. Or that their styling held up for longer without becoming so dated. It was the change in mindset, at the car companies, that was remarkable.

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Weekly Blog 13

The story that people were panicking and suiciding over Orson Welles’ broadcast radio drama of “The War of the Worlds,” as though they truly believed warlike aliens were landing on Earth from Mars, is a misrepresentation. Another lie and psy-op. No Martian-phobic suicides were involved. No frenzies, riots or revolutions.

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Weekly Blog 12

After a sudden torrent of backpedaling, climatologists/Climatards are saying “global warming” isn’t anything like predicted, and Arctic ice is increasing. How can they do these flip-flops and retain a shred of credibility, never mind which “side” of this issue they’re arguing?

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