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Don’t tell me now, suddenly, everyone is concerned with a little groping and cupping, some slaps and tickles, a squeeze of a pickle, from a Hollywoody figure, after decades of perversion and sickness in the movie business.

What’s really going on, and what are they trying to cover up?

The sniggering public, ensconced behind closed doors, peeks out through a crack in the curtain, aware all along of the debauchery of Hollyweird — our great-grandparents used to mutter about it among themselves, knowingly. Those “actresses” were all hussies, blouzes, doxys, harlots, strumpets, minxes, of “ill repute,” in that dang old Hollywood moving picture place!

The “secret” is, all the “celebrities” are in on this — it’s Hollywood business as usual — or they’d never have been made celebrities.

It worked handily as a tool of misdirection, to have this Weinstein scandal crop up at this time. Maybe it takes the heat off of other outrageous “news,” where supposed “facts,” change daily, becoming more unlikely and outrageous with each iteration.

At his age, retirement age, Weinstein is only doing favors on his way out the door. He’s well aware he’ll face no comeuppance for his indiscretions. In fact, the exposure probably tickles him, a cheap thrill for the deviant. And the stars are playing off a script, running interference and misdirection. It’s Oscar-worthy crap, all this. Putrid, but Oscar-worthy.

If still glossing over the pedophilia that is rampant in Hollyweird weren’t creepy enough, the usual band of creeps and cretins have also found refuge in projecting Weinstein’s behavior on others.

One astute observer said, “…if it is everyone’s fault it is nobody’s in particular and that is your free pass out of hell.”

Not everyone’s fault, but all men’s. Most men, as is typical, are stupid enough to complacently accept this characterization with a foolish simper on their idiot faces.

All men are “pigs,” of course. As is standard in these cases, don’t look for any logic. “Weinstein is a pig, because he’s a man, but Weinstein himself isn’t so bad,” seems to be the effect they’re reaching for, successfully. (While Trump was, and still is, vilified and raked over harpies’ coals for a silly comment.)

In a sense, Weinstein’s defenders would be right. He wouldn’t be so bad, comparatively, if only playing a little grab-ass. The other clandestine things going on in Hollywood make his indiscretions look like innocent faux pas. But, it’s more than doubtful that Weinstein is only responsible for a bit of couch-casting.

The saintly posturing and timid testimonials by “victimized stars” is interesting. I suppose the louder you yell, the more it drowns out the voices of real victims.

Preening narcissism is part of it, too. They do need their attention, these “celebrities,” to a much more pronounced degree than even the most demanding brat on his high horse. If they weren’t considered “stars,” they would be banished from the presence of their betters to reflect on and repent of their mischief.

The pathetic “shock value,” when a Weinstein is “outed” is also remarkable. It is somewhat startling, due to the rarity of these creatures being exposed, but there’s another factor. Most of the population, aware or unaware, respects and even worships filthy buggers like Harvey Weinstein: the rich, the famous, the “moguls,” “Captains of Industry,” “glitteratti,” the privileged.

Alas, the world has to get over its hero-worship, and it’s not easy. We need a better substitute, and it’s too hard to be our own heroes, because we’re too aware of our own weaknesses.

If we persist, though, in seeking out and glomming onto these misanthropic “heroes,” it isn’t going to work out well in the end.

NYT Charade

Then we have the New York Times whoring for credibility by front-running the Weinstein story, previously buried for at least four years.

Yes, “Hollywood Babylon,” as the eponymous book calls it, has been an open secret for decades — probably since Hollywood’s creation.

Corey Feldman and many other young actors spoke out about the child rape in Hollywood, and… silence. None of the “heroes” of the media, or late-night “celebrities,” were outraged. The public yawned. Barbara (Baba WaWa) Walters defensively chastised Corey for daring to break the taboo and step off the reservation.

And oddly, just on Saturday, Corey Feldman is facing marijuana charges in Mangham, Louisiana, right after hinting around about actually revealing the NAMES of some of those pedophiles/pederasts.

Limited Hangout

The name for this type of situation is the “limited hangout.”

Working within the “Overton Window” — the range of discourse and ideas the public will accept — Weinstein is characterized as just a “big straight perv.” Like Bill Clinton was. Sorry, that’s all BS.

Clinton — a Weinstein pal — was outed quite a while ago as being gay. Things like the “Monica Lewinsky Scandal” were manufactured to give Bill credibility as a Lothario. Well, he swings both ways, as multiple claimants have confirmed.

So when he said Hillary had more women than he had, well, no surprise there.

Besides being predominantly gay, it appears they’re also predominantly pederasts in Hollyweird.

But a point that everyone is missing, is that many of the women — claimed women — in Hollywood are she-males, including many famous “great beauties.” If that’s “hard to believe,” that’s the point! It’s a “screw you,” to the suckers, and we lapped it up like warm milk at bedtime.

Pretending that Weinstein is “a big fat perv,” but yet, “straight as an arrow,” or something like that, is an outrage. We can be assured that he has been involved in the same perversions as the rest. It’s how business gets done in Tinsel Town.

Do you really think he’s going to keep his Harvey in his pants just over the issue that a “starlet” happens to be XY, not XX? What’s a mere letter when you’re “hot to trot,” after all?


Just to really mix things up, we had the double-H, Hugh Hefner death, or supposed death, a short time ago.

As always, there is the possibility that Hefner was whisked away to some offshore hideaway, his “murder/death” posed for effect. (There was some hinting around the edges of the news that there were “suspicions” about how a healthy Hef died so suddenly and unexpectedly.)

Playboy Was Going to Expose Hollywood Pedophiles???

To throw in another wild complication, YourNewsWire alleged Hefner was days away from being “arrested on child sex charges” before he died. The site claims Hefner was under investigation for being connected to a group of elite pedophiles, but he had been working with the LAPD to help take down the organization as part of a plea deal!

Everyone that has done any research on this matter knows Hollyweird is twisted as hell, there’s nothing new there, except the Hef part probably “shocks” some people, utterly confused about why he’d want to walk the wild side when he had “all them women” at his disposal.

First off, a lot of those girls were transsexuals, for another thing, Hef himself admitted to being gay, though he characterized it as “experimenting,” back in the ’70s. To add yet another dimension, Linda Lovelace described being forced to engage in bestiality for Hef’s entertainment in her book Ordeal.

LAPD is crooked as hell, itself, so it’s hard to believe they were being proactive as YourNewsWire alleges. Again, these rumors are created to muddy the waters and confuse people, or to make them think, “something’s being done.” Of course it is — coverups and misdirection and whitewashing are being done. Note how the Weinstein and other unusual news incidents, all came together at once, creating a giant stew of nonsense.

Oh sure, something is going on, but not what we’ve been told.

Why do we have news? What is the intended result? The real result is nothing more than if we were fed straight gossip, dished from a soap opera.

It doesn’t help that we allow distractions from the main issues, time and time again.

And why do we allow a “protected class” of which Weinstein is merely one of the more blatant and indiscreet examples?

If Weinstein is prosecutable, have at it. For those who don’t like his morals, avoid the movies his company produced. In fact, avoid anything Hollywood, as much as possible.

When these scandals surface, it’s sad, but the perps can rest easy, knowing no one is going to step up and deal with these issues.

Roman Polanski drugged and raped a girl of 13, skipped town, and is praised and defended as, “being persecuted!”

Reagan wrote about Hollywood debauchery in his autobiography.

Remember, all “revelations” are structured. The news is controlled and manipulated, and nothing gets past the censors that they don’t want out there, as part of a grander plan. Therefore, don’t just “listen to the news.” You need to follow a train of logic, whereas the “news” deliberately leads down a trail of mayhem, with nothing to be gained from it.

Maybe it’s called news, because it’s always something new, with nothing ever being resolved or explained.

Holes in Reasoning

People don’t recognize that there is always a contingency plan in place for criminals like these Hollywood producers — like full-time trolls to get on top of any “leaks.”

People, for the most part, also don’t understand money and power, thinking of it as an abstract with no meaning!

Weinstein would bring down all the pedophiles HE knows, if there were any merit to the story that he’s been targeted. If he really WERE targeted, they would just “take him out,” quietly, and without fanfare.

Possibilities for the Weinstein imbroglio:

  • distraction from Vegas shooting fiasco
  • to disguise a takeover endeavor of the Weinstein business, by another faction
  • a internecine battle where Harv’s brother is trying to take control and push out Harvey
  • a distraction from the disastrous issue of pedophilia in Hollywood and across the nation
  • Weinstein stepped on someone’s toes, who is above him in status, and he needs to be “taught a lesson”
  • it is a mere “operation” — they probe or catalyze the public periodically, to see what effect it will have

That last point is intriguing. As people SHOULD know, they are constantly experimenting on the public. Not just things like releasing toxins — for example disease bacteria and LSD in the subways — as they’ve admitted to, but by playing psychological games as well, then recording and analyzing the results, for future use in manipulating the population.

There are some side angles involved, as well:

Damage Control and Opportunism

  • tie in “men,” in general, and Donald Trump, specifically, as guilty partners in this affair
  • create more contention between men and women
  • attract attention via their grandstanding — no publicity is bad publicity, and all that

As usual with these stories, the logic is bad and the story lacks internal consistency. Four of nine resigned on Weinstein’s board within days, which is remarkable in itself. Why, if they were going to expel Weinstein anyway?

What we do know, though, from long, exhausting experience, is that nothing will be done, nothing will change, and, the net result of all the supposed “investigations” and “reforms” will add up to a big, fat goose-egg.

Headlines of the Week

Hillary Clinton team members “threatened the lives” of NBC investigative reporters in order to shut down an investigation into a State Department pedophile ring cover up scandal

Vungle (mobile ad startup) CEO Zain Jaffer arrested on charges of assault with a deadly weapon, lewd act with 3-year-old son

Vietnamese actress says Harvey Weinstein cornered her in dark hotel room wearing nothing but a towel to ‘teach’ her how to perform sex scenes — full story here.

Suburban ‘Bionic Wrench’ maker wins $6M in patent suit against Sears, supplier — this is an older one, from the Chicago Tribune, back in May. It ties in with the discussion of Sears, in the Shades of Things to Come 4 article. It’s a shady bugger, that Sears, and also stole another inventor’s wrench idea back in the ’80s, and who knows how much else?

Democrat Principal Defecates In Front Of Students During Pledge Of Allegiance — this one is supposedly “fake news,” but it’s probably true. Remember what they say, “When ya gotta go, ya gotta go…”

President Dotard

Trump is to release the JFK assassination files. They were supposed to be released this month anyway. There will be nothing substantive in them.

The probability is very high that Kennedy wasn’t even shot that day, but can you imagine THAT coming to light, publicly?

GM Follies

From Motoring.com:

EXCLUSIVE: Peter Hanenberger blames local and global management for Holden closure

Hanenberger was an ex-executive VP of GM, CEO of recently-defunct Holden Australia, who doesn’t expect there to be a GM in a short while!

“I believe we now have a management in place with General Motors that has no foresight.

“I think there will be no GM in the near future,” Hanenberger stated.

Sounds like he’s right in tune with the things I was saying in, once again, Shades of Things to Come 4. When an ex-GM global vice-president says something like that, it’s probably a good idea to listen.

Pulling the Plug

And… letting you know that I’m dropping the weekly blog. I’m also going to be withdrawing many of the articles on this site over the next few weeks, except some of those dealing with computing.

I’ll be switching the blog over to just articles and irregular commentary on computing issues for the time being. Watching the old “slow-motion train wreck” of current events in action gets tedious, when the prospects for positive change, and awareness of our problems seem to be growing at a snail’s pace. I’ll possibly re-issue the articles at some time in the future, and also do another regularly-scheduled series, but for now, it’s been fun, we’ll catch up again sometime later.

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